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NUVO Thai Elegance Style Modification

Modified Yamaha Mio 2010

Modifikasi motor Yamaha Jupiter MX

To distribute the hobby and creativity of the modificationhobbyists of themotorcycle, the Kukar Club Motor(MKC) spread out the Modifikasi Contest site of the Motor that took place in the page of the Seni Tepian Market of Pandanus, Tenggarong, from last Saturday (18/03) to today. The "modification contest" of "this motor was the annual site that we the degree for his two times after September 2005," said Chairman Panitia Pelaksana Simeon Palinggi that also MKC Tenggarong Chairman. According to him, the contest that was sponsored by U-mild this was followed by 49 participants from Tenggarong, Samarinda as well as Balikpapan, by racing 6 classes.

Modif all Brain-Body Custom tweaking Jupiter MX

Jakarta - If you like to appear with ngejreng motor tunggangannya, the concept of property modifications motor Yoni Kristiani this could be a reference.

As the field garapan, Yoni change
motor Yamaha Jupiter MX own. Undergraduate university graduates to build on this iron horse who impressed arogan and not play with quite how beautiful the view that the size of motor for duck in the city where.

To mempermak
Yamaha Jupiter MX, Yoni take about 3 months in the year 2006. With the ability that he had successfully combat locust concept he semburkan on Jupiter MX 2006 in homemodifications BVC Road. No Nyengseret. 50, Tegal Lega Bandung.

"The motive is guaranteed as potential ribet merawatnya if the owner does not persevering in pemiliharaan body costumnya," said Yoni meraup that has been awarded to various detikOto, Sunday (23/11/08).

Yoni is also owner of the home modifications BVC emphasize body costum on motornya. This modification of the house, the whole uniform Jupiter MX dibalut body costum with the results of his own.

Show ngejreng with emphasis on graphic detail every catnya the old green and light green to show effects on the motor a grasshopper, timpalnya. Though steady, he pairs Thundercats logo on the body beneath Jupiter MX.

Jupiter mx motor modification

In the event this year MotoGP, Ducati motorcycle down five Desemosedici GP. In the history of Ducati in MotoGP, only this time they lose five motors at once. However, among these five motors, Stoner could only compete at the top. Mika Kallio who defended the satellite Pramac Racing team also considered to be satisfactory. As a rookie, he successfully gain 16 points from three races.

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Honda Supra magic So Revo

Honda Supra magic So Revo

You have a 2002 Honda Supra output and was bored with because it looks too old? Want a new change, but funds were not enough, let alone this duck has any memories of that sold honey? Nah not dizzy. Step Ade Nugroho in Cilandak, South Jakarta, this can be emulated. Honda Supra was transformed so Honda Revo which tilled by Syarief H and claimed as revolutionary ride. Almost all the components in the Revo body move to the Supra, except machinery. As tebeng front, wing, until the stern.

In order to distinguish and appear slightly more eccentric, the body re-custom protective, especially in the engine (engine guard) and its carriage. "These changes as a counterweight cover Revo body whose position is more pointed to the back of the chassis so that the framework of Supra and need to be reset breket body to be mounted and the rider's position remains secure," said Eman, Syarief friendly greeting. From padepokannya in Cinere, Depok. Other Rombakan performed on the legs, handlebars, and a foothold, "To be quite different and in accordance with the design theme of the duck motor sport," continued modifikator of EM-Tech who admitted that he had 7 years ngerombak motor. Eman Shockbreaker fitted front by a Honda Tiger to look more solid.

Consequently, the rod-like komsitir reset the original, also pairs of triangular top-down let more robust. Meanwhile, Shockbreaker rear Monoshock use of Yamaha Jupiter MX supported Kawasaki Kaze swing arm custom hollow metal used to make it look sporty.

Mitsubishi Time Attack is Gahar

Mitsubishi Time Attack is Gahar

Time Attack (TA), one of racing competition emerging in Japan, America and even Europe have inspired Adhi Wisesa to modify the alias Ebel Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VIII is often lowered her in drag race event. The target is to enter a contest modif. "Many doubted the quality of a racing car body look less done perfectly," said shop owner Wisesa Motorsport. And in the arena TA, according to Ebel, the design of cool-cool car, like the Evo VIII Nobuteru Taniguchi HKS team.

HKS red car from the famous with the nickname "No One Better" (NoB) is legendary because of record-breaking success at several circuits in Japan and America. This is the reference modification Ebel Lancer Evo VIII at the yellow gahar predicted not only the kitchen pacunya, but also sangar appearance. Exterior projects focus on the theme of TA, from the application body kit, sticker cutting themes, to the legs. Design body kit with a copy paste NoB Evo VIII CT230R named. Similarity starts from the front bumper, hood, until puffed up body. "Bumper and fender removed and then the original replica CT230R designed with fiberglass," says Ebel. Although the design extreme, but very fast installation system. Body kit for installation takes no more than 10 minutes. Affairs of the legs must use TA-smelling products. The choice fell on Volk Racing TE37 Time Attack Edition.

To get a wheel like that, Ebel had to spend Rp 50 million. Still affairs body, try to look to the right headlight, he was willing holes as a channel to the intake air. "Lights punched mikanya part, and formed of fiberglass custom aisle," said Ebel. Needed cooling for the intake because the kitchen staff was didongkrak runway. Because for the purposes of competition, Ebel to have 3 sets of pistons, namely CP, Wiseco, and JUN. All three brands have a piston that has didoping by a Garret GT35 turbo ball bearings with 2.2 bar boost. The average power produced ranges from 450 to 470 dk. Besides the engine and legs, for the sake of racing, aerodynamics are also important elements. GT-style racing with a wing that had saturated the past few years, now began to force its application. Like the GT wing Arospeed had made a custom holder for the stern Evo VIII. Other aerodynamic devices appear on the top of the rear glass, given fins usually called Vortex Generation.

Let us turn to the interiors. Nuances of race car really applied and designed very neat with no visible wires mess. All devices attached to a neat race. Similarly Cusco roll bar designed. Acrylic glass side had given all the pillars of a hole that has two functions. In addition to making light, it is also a characteristic of a racing car.

Truckin Lowrider from Bandar Lampung

Truckin Lowrider from Bandar Lampung

Who says pickup modification produces a form that is less pleasing to the eye. Bos Auto Design workshop, Bandar Lampung, South Sumatra, Endang prove with Toyota Kijang Super 1991. Flow absurdly chosen not bear, directly from the United States, namely Lowrider truckin. Deer breeding modification parts and Mitsubishi Kuda Capsules. In fact the car body color could be saving. The interior was redesigned and made of fiberglass. When viewed from the front has changed.

As the hood was replaced with the Deer capsule. This resulted in replacement of the bone is made forward 20 cm to get the arch hood, and headlights fit a Mitsubishi Kuda mounted. To meet the characteristics of his Lowrider truckin was made body kit, fiberglass blend and galvanized plates, which refers to the Dynamic Tornado for the BMW 3 Series. The deck is shifted more up front 30 cm, while the rear deck 20 cm. Then, the effect created by cutting collapsed roof of the cabin about 12 cm. "Windshield slope angle is made smaller, while the side and rear glass to make new," said Endang. To the rear trunk lid using 0.8 mm galvanized plate, while the hinge mechanism is taken from the trunk hinges Honda Genio.

Shockbreaker him wear a KIA Carnival, and for a different impression, like as if united with cabins connected by using fiberglass. Suspension inevitable dioprek. Holder of the front part of the increase. Likewise with the bottom so the game remains the optimal range, although torque system has reached the limit of shallow plays. The position was made more Shockbreaker back to sleep for more game space. To reduce violence by a leaf, two pieces per leaf (number two and three) removed. For the cabin, all on-custom, including the dashboard that is designed to use fiberglass. Then the speedometer of Mitsubishi Kuda adopted and placed in the center, while the indicator Auto Gauge and TV monitors come add color to the extreme cabin without being a mess. In addition to the speedometer, the other components of the horse that moved to Deer including power steering, air conditioning, and disc brakes.

This last component to change the rate freeze front of the drum to disc. Body cultivation pretty neat. Sepatbor sweet (not too bloated) make the body look very elegant. Display it again sweetened with exhaust tip in front of the rear wheel and flat body

Who Dare to wipe Honda Vario This

Who Dare to wipe Honda Vario This

Problem modifications skubek, Bandung is one of the creative city. Look at Honda Vario 2008 is owned by Rony Lubis, moge resembles American, Harley-Davidson (HD). Hence, the theme is carried modif skubek flapping wings bearing the Harley Rockabilly. What's that! But who would have dared to caress the body or handlebars? if you do not want to hurt his hand. Even if curved, it is not possible bleeding feet go, and motors are now widely Rony 'ate victim'. Well, you know! Imagine, the entire cover CVT sticking sharp irons, not to mention that at the end of the handlebars.

Mechanical Rony had 'blood memuncratkan' by the end of the handlebars fact ketusuk washerwoman, recalled this AKAP bus entrepreneur, never scratches because enggak aware that wiping arm is like a sharp knife. However, Rony claimed not mean to conjure Vario injure people, but related to the actualization of taste. Hence, some positions in the outside bolts covered with a steel CVT who pointed dibubut form. Incidentally Rony equipment at home because he's quite full HD collectors. Iron materials used various types and sizes. Then, several types of steel plate.

Generally 7 mm thickness, but after dibubut be 5 mm," explained the man from Mandailing, North Sumatra, this. After the lathe, the part was then coated chromatised pernikel alias. After that, go Rony, just let kinclong polished. Cultivation in order to look underneath the total, then retreat, retreat or engine mounting chrome steel bracelet given because of the pipe section in chromatised forget. In fact, fitted with a bracelet, so sangar view. Because appearance is gahar and ferocious, Rony then named Harley-Davidson Rockabilly .*

Yamaha Mio Soul of Jambi Engine Thailand

Yamaha Mio Soul of Jambi Engine Thailand

Fever low rider (LR) began to hit Sumatra. Yamaha Mio Soul Emil's 2008 production of Jambi is an example. He would skubek bearing garputalanya dipermak. Penggarapannya LR is like most that have been done in Java.

Emil entrust Budi modifying the process to "Big" Rahmanto from Pisangan Lama, Jakarta Timur. Anyway, Emil wants to keep good ditungganginya bike.

As modifiers, Big've understood the problem in the form LR, which is located on the wheel straightness. Understandably, LR characteristic is the wide adoption and retreat alloy rear wheels. "If a flashlight is not able to" run the dog, ' "explained Big who was bongsor.

The key to overcome the motor is not "running dog" (a chase rear and front wheels) is located on the engine mounting or mounting machines. "Engine mounting contrived not straight, slightly shifted to the left as far as 6 cm and the length of the holder of about 25 cm in the machine. Engine mounting bosses still use a natural, "said Budi.

Dimundurkannya mounting machine placement that far to the rear wheels using wheel Suzuki Jimny Cricket (LJ 40). Wheel offset position inevitably come changed. "The position of the fingers also shifted slightly in, adjusted to offset holder. In addition, in order to cover part of the CVT is not stuck to the tires, "said Budi.

Because the rear wheel's wide, wide front must also. Budi pinned owned 2000 Toyota Corona Absolute cc. Use of the rim that should change superlebar triangular bottom, left and right suspension and Raiser above. "Wider than 6 cm in length versions. Hence each divided 3 cm to the left and right axles, a new can line, "called Budi.

This modification changes the chain effect. Apparently, the cylinder head position heading into the tank volume was 4 liters. "For that, the tank adjust dipapas kudu, but the reduced capacity of about 1 liter," he continued.

Budi assessed standard suspension is not suitable to hold the weight already gambot Mio's. So, he replaced it with a brand YSS racing type. Its hardness, said Budi, maximized and stand under it must be modified. So is the holder of the framework, it should not dicoak suspension in accordance with this variation.

Emil did not want to have Mio Soul dimofikasi just beautiful in appearance. He wanted the engine also gahar. The standard engine capacity 113 cc in-bore up with a way to replace the original engine block with a Thai-made aftermarket 155 cc capacity. "EON brand and the holder fits, live setting angle in the cylinder head squish," Budi closed.

Subaru Ballistic-3 2000

Subaru Ballistic-3 2000

Problem modifying cars, Indonesia might be competed with any country, must win. Here, for example Subaru WRX 2000, collaboration Rizky Haroen and Denny Massie Auto Sport (DMAS) which they called Ballistic-3.

From the shape, Ballistic-3 is more closer to the kind of endurance racing cars. In fact more similar to the Mazda Furai (read: foo-rye). Concept car designed by Mazda's California design studio and Swift Engineering. Furai chassis itself is made of Courage C65 LMP2 (Le Mans Prototype 2).

To realize Ballistic body look like a gust of wind, DMAS and Ballistic team wore only from Subaru's chassis. For additional reinforcement which also functions as a bone body, pinned 3 types of iron, ie elbow iron, flat iron, and iron pipes. Each iron is adjusted bone shape and placement.

Reinforcement brackets skin side flat iron body and measuring 1.2 mm for the body facing upward, while the iron pipe serves as a pillar of A and B to the back. The deck is made of aluminum material by placing 1.2 mm was lowered 3-5 cm below the coupling innate. This obviously affects also the sitting position and altitude atap.Sementara that, for the entire body rely on fiberglass materials that are processed through the printing clay and ended a thin coating of putty. So, to form a wind flow on each side, so similar, using a mirror. This order is a standard to the point of nut intake on one side.

Design of two-story wing built to fill the stern look. Because of the body panels down, the windshield can not be used. Instead, it was made from acrylic material thickness of 4 mm by using a heat gun and a saw to cut and shape it. So as beneran glass display, given the edge trim is made of fiberglass and painted black.

Interestingly, for the opening and closing the start of the hood, roof, up the back of relying on an unusual construction. All three helped some intermediate trigger equipped with bearings.

Single seater
Log into the interior, strong impression of Le Mans race car look of the concept of a single seat (single seater). Because the position of chair in the middle, inevitably steering wheel (selected model aircraft) and the dash (coated suede) are being redesigned. Instruments and the buttons are used really works and in accordance with the aesthetic sports car. Distributed placement of the dashboard, cockpit, and under the dashboard.

The uniqueness of this car, the concept of totality through electrical circuit called Cellular Security System. That is, to start the engine can be done remotely via the caller using the phone. "It works by changing the pattern of ringing call came. Thus, the current that drives the motor strater," Made said Darmawan, the builder.

To move the starter motor is used regularly CT2 autolock computer assistance. This device works when living adjusted until it touches the trigger point for the perfect living machine.

VW Chico Butterfly Night

VW Chico Butterfly Night

Car manufacturer Volkswagen (VW) in Germany must have shook his head (as admiration) if you look at VW 'Chico' homemade Kunto Wibisono and workshop teams Butterfly Night (KKM) from Yogyakarta. How does not. Principal parties would have screwed it if the base of the output 1200 VW Beetle 1961, could even be the inspiration for VW sports car concept.

Giving the name of Chico, "The owner liked to drink Chivas Coca-Cola mixed, (so) Chico's easy to remember," called Kunto Wibisono, commander KKM workshop. No one applies if KKM originally dubbed this Yogyakarta Car craftsmen often bear the extreme creations.

Included in Chico who lift weights as much as 7 motorize. The idea of using this system to be lifting heavy loads is the main point to get the target to create innovative high appreciation from the general public.

Kunto translate the contents of the head Rudi, the owner of VW used as a driving force motorize. Details, to close the front trunk (1 unit), two doors left and right (4 units), rear hood (1 unit) and the front bumper (1 unit). "The motor unit capable of carrying 60 kg," said Kunto.

Motorize 1 for alternating movement of the front trunk lid using a DC motor driving a Custom with an iron rod 0.75 inches in diameter and 60 cm long, were wearing the iron roof of the 2-inch diameter 45 cm long. "In order for softer roof movement used two custom shock left and right," said Kunto.

Keunikkan close look at the open door of a contrived two-way upward and to the side with four motors rely on a modification of the 36-volt DC motor was changed to 12 volts. And designing motorize in many places is not easy. He admitted it took 1 month to calculate the movement. And to move the required 3 batteries and alternators 80 ampere Porsche standard 85 amperes.

Besides the body, the engine also 'ransacked' not insufficient accountability. Kitchen offal components implanted with diimplan Porsche 914 because according to the same base Kunto with VW.

Honda Jazz wing JDM Toyota Crown

Honda Jazz wing JDM Toyota Crown

Handy was fairly desperate Setiawan once. Imagine, buying All-New 2008 Honda Jazz instead of feeling before, but the RS series hatchback sedan was immediately taken to the house on Jl Autoline modifications Arterial Kedoya, West Jakarta. "Anyway, I have to look different Jazz with others," said Handy.

To fulfill his ambition, Handy try searching for a suitable model through cyberspace. Eventually racing-style found in the flow combined with JDM Toyota Crown to his satisfaction.

What he wanted, width bumper design combined with a sharp angle on both sides of the very identical to the Japan street car. "The water dam on the big bumpers and V-shaped besutan that characterize fast," said Handy.

Agus, Autoline courtier, had no difficulty Handy tastes. Reliable material to manufacture fiberglass molding according to the initial concept. The work took three weeks.

As a result of custom body, bumpers do look buckle. View car instead so cingkrang enggak because the owner wanted to use the lowering kit. Agus had to turn the brain to Mesh Lenso alloy wheels 18 x 8 inches can mepet the fender lip. Finally, a condom on dipakailah fender down over 3 cm from the original fender and follow the line of the front bumper nut.

Interestingly, the design of the trapezoid-shaped exhaust tip. Initially, the shape of the rear bumper is a straight average exotic. Having seen Crown JDM, bumpers and Muffler dicoak this display is adjusted so that seems extreme slope.

Jazz look to strengthen believers in this style racing, the hood is made of carbon materials, including the diffuser, grille, to the rear wing. Berkelir body stickers given white striping. "The color combination of red, white, and black create a more powerful visualization," said Handy.

Besides the body, matching the interior of any contrived, like the standard seats replaced by semi-model of Recaro bucket. Original color of black wrapped with red blood from the same material. Then the dashboard also contrived motive is carbon fiber pattern plus wear white printing.

Yamaha Mio Super stretchy bead Japan

Yamaha Mio Super stretchy bead Japan

Modification of low flow rider on skubek now increasingly insane. Rear wheel thes've enggak insufficient accountability. When generally 15 cm to 25 cm, Roby Istim in Mengolan do more Yamaha Mio Soul ektrem. Postdated the rear wheels up to 30 cm so that the axle had passed the end of the rear lights.

Modif inspired Roby admitted in Japan that is now popular again. Another uniqueness, look at both wheels. The use of different types of alloy wheels, front radius model (spoke) and behind bars, according to Roby, who had wanted to because rada chopper style.

Back to the use of retreat-retreat was 30 cm. Because the framework is a long delay, all Roby make it lower skubek aka shallow. Way, the position in the design Shockbreaker back. "We set the slope of the angle is almost 35 degrees so they can get views like this," says the owner of Studio 9. Own shock absorbers use YSS brand that actually is for Suzuki Satria 120R.

Hence, when occupied, or when the road, the distance between the front and rear wheel cover body stayed two fingers. Even through the speed bump or hit a hole, according to former players this Vespa, the engine is still fairly safe Mio because, from the results of this modif, the position of the engine is not falling.

In addition to the elastic axle, there is still another feature of this Lowrider strengthen Japanese flavor, which is a white screen that bind the whole body becomes a favorite in the State Sakura. This skubek view reinforced by the increasingly strong sepatbor model a wide front.

Including artificial rear exhaust mount to the top. It is precisely this that makes the rear sight a little less good. Becomes more elegant if its height equal to the wheel at the top end and a diameter slightly smaller slug .

Vario-style ATV

Unique and funny. If using four-wheel motor, the assumption of two front and two rear aka all terrain vehicle (ATV). However, Honda Vario David Laibahas this has actually modified by the unique three-wheel in the back. This is because the owners often modif car contest, no doubt many four-wheel element attached to the motor bearing this wing flapping.

So curious, if the three wheels work? "Only a tire in the middle of an active," said Andit, champ modification of the A-Custom in Surabaya. Only one wheel so the machine is not working too hard when the four-wheel running.

Meanwhile, the two wheels on either side are connected using the metal plate 2 cm thick which serves as a handle. Thus, the total length of 50 cm of iron, each 25 cm to the left and right of the center drum. To install the wheels, axle distance initial delay must be made first. In this process takes double Andit degeneration.

First, in the arm like a retreat-retreat generally. Second, the front frame. "For the engine mountings wear-retreat retreat 25 cm, just as people do," explained Andit. The pemelaran somewhat different is the front frame, the exact order below deck by using a pipe measuring 2 cm. That's the standard size of Germany, if you are here equal to 2 inches.

"The length of 40 cm, deliberately so that the motor deck can be longer and create a place audio devices," added Andit. Means, the length of the motor increases to 65 cm. With changes to the framework and handle the machine, the motor enggak figure just a display. "Still be invited street because of its size to fit 4 wheels," said Andit.

Is also interesting from the motor is a 4 wheel behind sepatbor design. All three wheels wearing protective. According to Andit, its design inspired by Harley-Davidson. Meanwhile, the front wheels without deliberate sepatbor with due consideration of the front cover was developed. So, it's like a shield to sepatbor concurrently.

Beware fooled! This is not Moge Original

Beware fooled! This is not Moge Original

Your great admirer moge, but still limited to a dream to get it. If you have a sports type bike, take it to Dave Motor Concept (DMC). Two-wheeled home modifications that can be transformed so as bongsor been done on the Yamaha Scorpio.

Although adopting moge waste, but Budi Tricahyono, the skipper DMC, not haphazard. If garputala symbol attached to the tank is removed, you must have guessed moge; especially when glancing into the legs.

As the use of alloy, was taken from the Kawasaki ZX750. However, swinging arm (swing arm) still retained the original Stone. He repeated his custom to match the rim width is 5.5 inches. Way, more shaped swing arm that straddle profile 180/60 tires can roll smoothly.

In addition to the swing-arm, Monoshock shock absorbers are also kept, unless the holder re contrived. Consideration, the silencer is considered strong enough to sustain body weight because now more is in-custom with galvanized plate.

For the body, Budi had time to think want to emulate full Suzuki, but less interesting and a lot of adjustments. "Only a small fairing design takes the idea GSX," said Budi.

To the headlight was not the original GSX, but a variation. "What is important, Scorpio view has changed drastically," proud. Then, cover it by Budi body given the holes, not as a sweetener, but as an air route to runway does not overheat the kitchen, including in front of the engine vents also made the screen closed.

Then, watch the lights. For the brake lights, was picked from skubek. "We choose Vario stop lamp. Simply take the middle of the light, "Budi leak. The form is designed in such a way that can Nemplok at the stern.

Sweetness again, the position of the tip Muffler dual models under the lights. Fit in the placement and size, and does not obscure the rear view as a whole.

Honda Tiger Changing Face So Streetfighter R6

Honda Tiger Changing Face So Streetfighter R6

After a year vacuum, Custom Auto Rexindo (RAC) belantika reappeared in motorcycle modifications. Home modifications from Yogyakarta is showing his work through Arfan's Honda Tiger from Brebes (Central Java) is transformed into a model R6 Yamaha streetfighter style.

RAC goalie here Rizal wanted to show the perfection of detail and finishing. However, characteristic known RAC has a lot of people, the use of custom goods, according to Rizal a Mechanical Engineering degree is maintained.

So far, each modifying the RAC, he often uses galvanized plate. Honda Tiger on this one, said Rizal, were still apparent, as in the tank, swing arm (swing arm), sepatbor, and fairing.

For the swinging arm was wearing an iron plate as the main ingredient and strengthened with bandages galvanized plate. For the home front and rear lamps made from fiberglass. However, the back of a special, special material, which is a red liquid fiber.

"With this liquid material will simply print the desired result. There was also safe for your health than ordinary fiber," said modifying the address at Jl Wahid Hashim No. 212, Depok, Sleman, Yogyakarta.

Lamp sein picked from Honda Supra X 125. Rizal purposely using local products so that, if broken, easily replaced. Display gahar plus motor with combined use of exhaust Yoshimura dual disc brakes in front, reinforcing the impression a true streetfighter.

Honda Evo 6 Karya Anak Bangsa

Honda Evo 6 Karya Anak Bangsa

In the motorcycle exhibition at the JCC, in December last year, the booth displayed Astra Honda Motor Honda Evo 6. Apparently, motor sport types who still has possession of the concept Pambudi Ivanggar mind. To the point, he lived in Jakarta was difficult to sleep.

Incidentally, Ivan had a Honda Mega Pro. Thus, the vehicle is sent to the home modification Tauco Custom (TC) to be turned into Evo 6. "Dizziness me, if ya really like it ribet Evo 6 and certainly expensive. Use of pro-arm everything," said Topo Atmodjo Goedhel abstinence from TC who refuse a challenge.

The result, by adopting a component of the four brand motorcycles, Honda has Mego Pro Evo transformed into 6. Ivan was now able to sleep soundly.

Fat and solid
The characteristics of the Evo 6 emanating from the tank and hood. These two sectors can be tricked Topo, except the arm swing (swing-arm), pure design work of the TC. For fuel tanks, Topo can create a similar concept is not rounded, but thin.

"On either side there are grooves that can make a good foot pinch," said Ivan. Topo most nyeleneh work on top of the engine cover. If the original form of the exhaust pipes of six-cylinder engine, Topo emulate as a single cylinder engine. "Pipe cut off and just stuck. Glance original like hell," proud builder who is now racing skubek follow-up.

Use of this attribute looks impressive heavy motor in front. It was also noticed Topo. So, he made the swing-arm large. In addition, the exhaust is designed to balance the effects of front and rear body. "Although short, but stout and solid," Topo-defense.

Because the body has changed the look even more muscular and the use of materials in modifying the plate, the standard power on the verge of defeat certain motors. In order to keep ngacir, the solution is to bore-up.

In the kitchen runway, Topo installing Yamaha Scorpio piston diameter 70 mm. This replacement makes the engine capacity of 222.3 cc terdongkrak be. Carburetor used for the racing models, the Keihin PE 28.

Because the motor concept, must be impressed by the modern view, and Topo want the impression that there is in creation. So, like the speedometer, used the memorable up-to-date. This digital device adds cool if their placement is more appropriate and interesting.

One thing that is proud of the placement of different ignition than usual. Berkelir about the black rim, to the rear, used a Aprilia. The disc brake picked from Suzuki Satria F-150 and handlebars selected from the brand Kawasaki Ninja.

Yamaha V-Ixion So muscular and Stump

Yamaha V-Ixion So muscular and Stump

Although already less productive, but in modifying the motor, the work of Ali Citizens Aming still count and make eye melotop. Just look at the skilled hands of the Yamaha V-Ixion muscle scented this streetfighter-style bike. It is easy to integrate the aesthetics.

Aming here to gathering and refine customized aesthetic that started from bodywork combined model moge Yamaha TZ125 Yamaha R6, even minimalist. "We need to rehabilitate the main chassis frame TZ125-style camouflage," said the builder. As for the sub frame Aming directed to R6.

As an adjustment, dimensions and use the swinging arm Italian products. Selected Aming, Aprilia 250 Diablo. Meanwhile back sok system've changed so Ohlins mono wear brand.

From here the form is starting to show. To thicken the streetfighter, for T the top and bottom so wide adoption of Suzuki GSX600 complete with upside down tomorrow.

Aming dimaui concept already can and live to play detail. "Do not let the typical LM (Laksa Motor) missing, then the input of the LM were adopted," call the builder who can not be separated from the house Laksa Motor modifications.

See shell headlights are typical LM to sustain the light of the original FZ1000. Consideration, the concept had been approached streetfighter design digembungkan would batoknya. Moreover, the legs are muscular with Honda CBR600 rim wear six bars for the front and rear.

LM typical design options, look at the engine cover lid and the tiny rear seat single-seater model. impression of modern and futuristic look at the speedometer koso digital model, then exhaust silincer fabricated using titanium-carbon Akropovis oval model, combined foothold from Yoshimura. Rear brake master picked from Nisisin plus KALIPER Honda CBR400 Fireblade, was ahead of Nissin CBR1000 Fireblade.

Aming here do not want to eliminate a total of features Yamaha V-Ixion. As standard sein lights remain in use. Result, the motor is worth Hansye's called Naked Streetfighter.

Honda Charisma Duck So Streetfighter

Honda Kharisma Duck So Streetfighter

Half do not believe, view Honda Karisma changed without leaving any real identity. There are two major forces moge origin of the two continents that have become prominent force. Thus, from its original form the 'Charisma' (calm and soft) became so fierce (streetfighter).

Budi Udin Fakkar of Jatayu Motor Sport (JMS) which modifies this duck call handiwork Shiva (read: Shiva). He interpreted god of creation. Deserves thumbs up for the modifiers.

Here, features highlighted streetfighter Budi duck through the thick bone strength. Especially in the backbone that uses tubular pipe Ducati Monster style, combined with the swing arm (swing arm) from a single Veltermoto (Italy). For the feet, "have a full set Velg NSR 150 SP. In order matching, aka comfort shock devices also use NSR," says builder who hooked this fitness.

Budi sensation not just claim it. Lyrics of this motorcycle bodywork concoction. Starting from the stern, taken from the model in accordance with the Yamaha R6 Karisma dimensions. Includes rear lights, also from R6.

Poser elements are still evident in this custom bike, especially in designing the tank under the seat, which monitors such as artificial aquarium hole. Budi said, was to see the contents of the tank dirty or not.

The most unique, behind the footstool trail adopted by Kawasaki KX200 or KX125. Then, there are indicators pointer speed, temperature, time, and stopwatch digital model of the motor Italy, Aprilia.

Indeed, no one if Budi named Shiv to the skilled hands of this. Fredy Wongkar, as the owner of Honda Karisma, not false choices in JMS to overhaul the legacy of her parents ducks.

Modification of Suzuki Thunder 250 from Kupang Can Also

Modification of Suzuki Thunder 250 from Kupang Can Also

Kupang, the capital of East Nusa Tenggara (NTT), did not want to miss in about modifications. One of them, Boby Damanik, to have to reshuffle twice in his 250 Suzuki Thunder because not satisfied. Legal scholars who happened to this lawyer berprosesi like fairing design.

Here, it's a challenge for Topo Atmojo Goedhel Tauco as a builder of Custom (TC). The reason, Boby have made the bike without the help moge moge waste, even if it provides sufficient gede budget for memermak body.

"Earlier, he had a motor modif elsewhere, but the design is cluttered and I was told benerin again," Topo clear that to meet the demands of her clients had to work a maximum at about the body.

The level of difficulty, according to Topo, body balance, arm swing (swing arm), and the size of the wheel. Thus, although the moge GSX, explained Topo, made smaller dimensions. Standards in the wheel and swing arm.

For the wheels, he combines the 2.5-inch front and 3.5 inches rear. This variation Honda Tiger, he said, that many variations are sold in stores. After that, then work Topo play, starting from the swing arm.

To appear harmonious, Monoshock pinned, the Satria 120 Suzuki's. In addition to easy to get, the dimensions, per the existing enggak too big. Use of body parts from a small motor continues into other parts. Eg brake lights from Yamaha Jupiter MX, and visor picked from Kawasaki Ninja 150.

To exhaust, TC design itself. Triangular shape, which is another form of trends in moge with one hole unsightly disposal. Impressed neat. "Let me look more excited, made the cover," Topo said that using a thin plate for the exhaust. Starting from the tube to the silver colored neck so that the eye cacthing.

Honda Motor Vario-sleeved Batman Sway

Honda Motor Vario-sleeved Batman Sway

Idolize something can be realized through the body. As did the Sudadi Reso Honda Vario 2008. Batman's admiration for the motor try the modifikator applied by this, although it looks still far from the original.

To realize her dream, Dedi-friendly greeting at the Sudadi-made custom swing arms like bats. "Arms should be regenerated because the axle's position has shifted to the rear.'d Had a chance to try out 20 cm, but the length and eventually use 15 cm wrote," Dedi said.

In the reverse axle, a lot of things that must be considered. Among the wide wheels and body shape. If dimodif extreme body even longer, he said, afraid enggak harmony between body and wheels.

For the body, Dedi just put in some parts just so genuine Honda skubek is still strong. Then, exhaust cut off at the neck measures 30 cm in order to become shorter and flat. Here, he put a brand exhaust already chromatised password at around Rp 500,000.

Dedi looks smart step in combining black and chrome. Nah just exhaust, eventually all the components covered in chrome. "It's really from the legs up to the handlebars. I'm sure more sip viewed," said Dedi.

Views motor so strong thanks to the use of wide tires plus the option fingers taken from Harley-Davidson (HD). If the radius of the duck skubek or 3.1 mm, the HD was 4 mm.

Yamaha Nouvo X-Treme Dikira Contek Dodge Tomahawk

Yamaha Nouvo X-Treme Dikira Contek Dodge Tomahawk

His name is also a contest, of course the main priority is the creation and wild ideas. Yes, this requirement is shown Antonius Chandra on his motorcycle, Yamaha Nouvo 2007 when running a race modification Skubek MOTOR PLUS Otobursa Contezt in 2009 at the Senayan, Jakarta, 2-3 May. The result, his work was crowned as the champions of extreme classes.

If asked perfection, this creation is not Antony 100 percent. There are viewers who think bule is embracing the concept of the motor 10 cylinder motor, Baby Dogde Tomahawk introduced in 2003. However, Antony argue loudly and insists that his hand was a pure stroke.

The result, starting from the legs to the body capable of bewitching the audience interest. Including two wheels wearing 10-inch soles of the front and back can be considered special. "Her lips are also very pure celong and model their own designs," the skipper called Anthony Ton's Chrome is.

Interestingly again, the lyrics front, quite a unique design. There are swing arm that uses an iron pipe with a thickness of 10 mm and given the holes to appear sangar. To shock, "the tube using a Yamaha Force 1 and a custom itself," proud man from Palembang, South Sumatra, this. For the spiral model of the 8 mm penuntasannya gleaming chrome plated.

BMW Coupe Fastest in World

This is the fastest BMW coupe in the world. The ability of proud of, which can reach speeds above 370 km / hour. Thus the claim of the house tuner G-Power Hurricane CS, Germany. Their work is called the BMW M6 G-Power Hurricane CS.

Unfortunately, the claim is not accompanied by accurate data. Among other things, whether this is the official world record? When and where the speed tests are done? In fact, the real speed is not expressed by the G-POWER is mengilik this car, both engines and bodinya.

Just described, this car uses SK III V10 engine equipped hospital with twin-supercharger. This machine previously had invested in Hurricane M5 CS. But for the M6, the system was redesigned twin turborcharger. The goal for the machine can achieve a higher round again.

Both new models supercharger ASA1316 (formerly ASA1 313) with a larger size. Each charger to charge the air expel each row cylindrical (consisting of 5-cylinder). Described by G-Power, with a new supercharger, the amount of exhaled air was increased to 25 percent.

However, not all the air that could be used. Because, when used optimally, according to the G-Power, engine power can reach over 900 PS! Wah ... wah! So how do they make such great modification?

Special components
The air from the supercharger is cooled in the first intercooler before it is inserted into the machine. Type intercooler is the water-air painted with orange color. Air filter box is made of aluminum. The goal to be mounted as close as possible to the engine.

Yamaha Jupiter MX 135LC So Changed Sex Men

Yamaha Jupiter MX 135LC So Changed Sex Men

When shot, the motor is difficult to guess what it is? Even if the logo can be caught in the gas tank, you must call Yamaha. Absolutely, but Yamaha what? Your guess, the Yamaha V-Ixion because of the tank.

Indeed, 2XP workshop Irfandi of modifying this bike wearing tank Yamaha V-Ixion. Indeed, the basis of this motor is a type of duck from Yamaha Jupiter MX 135LC, and to change the sex of this motor, lots of disposable Irfandi enggak moge or cut waste there chassis-leg-native sini.Kaki
"There enggak frame chopped, the original is still preserved," call the builder from Pontianak, West Kalimantan. Simply playing with metal and fiber, the back of contrived menungging, plus an additional body. So, if you want to return to the standard, could easily be done.

The front is polished so muscular. Sokbreker Like the original, was replaced with the Ohlins Thailand, including disc disc replaced the larger and racing models. For the main light is not variation, but has taken Suzuki Spin 125.

Baby Harley-Davidson Suzuki Skywave

Baby Harley-Davidson Suzuki Skywave

Development of low-rider wing modifications enggak never ending. Trinkets that become a uniqueness often there. Whether from where, but it became a prominent figure at last.

Please refer to Suzuki Skywave 2008 cultivated belong Sulistio Ton's Chrome. There are some parts that stand out and can say little new. For example, the front rim and rear crossbar cutom model which Antonius Chandra, the skipper TC, widely used low-rider American community.

Five pole model with a tread width, front and rear 5 inches by 7 inches celong lips. Then, finishing with chromatised.

However, the highlight of this modification is to feel the Harley-Davidson. As a model sepatbor wide front. Unfortunately, the lower lip is not given for retaining water splashes. Similarly sepatbor sloping rear. The second section uses material measuring 8 mm plate.

Similarly exhaust in the neck, there is only one pipe and up the middle to split the two ends. The broken part two materials were patterned upholstery with holes. After that new chromatised.

Honda CB 100 Retro from Yogya

Most, the builder likely style motor gede (moge) by modifying the type of motor sport, both output and new lawas. It was opposed by Agus Sudariswanto from Darizt Custom Cycles in Yogyakarta that it change the look of Honda CB 100 production in 1976.

"Machines this small motor, a big funny if imposed," said the designer. When playing initiative, Agus imagination in the formation of a simple bicycle.

Therefore, the backbone curve is intended to allow the tank to hang the motor minimalist look. Rake made standard with homemade springer taken from a Binter Merzy so it is more comfortable when driving.

Back seat centerbone optional leather-wrapped sole. Agus asked Reka Praise Asmara as executor for the bottom mat. To be taxable because of kidney enggak pure hardtail, fitted under the seat of a pedicab brother used.

New Breakthrough Antony at Honda Vario

New Breakthrough Antony at Honda Vario

New breakthrough from the world of motor modifications in the country. The perp, Chandra Antony builder from Jakarta, via Honda Vario 2007.

If the flow modification, it is common. Dual exhaust design models such as Harley, it was there that use. So is the house that dimelarkan CVT, there was already a melakoninya.

Then from the side which was the breakthrough? Note the use of front and rear wheels. Here, Antony wanted to love the performance, if different sizes far, the motor can drive safely and well. For that, the front wheel clipped the size of 14 inches, while the rear 20 inches.

To cram the rear wheel diameter of that size would need a lot of rombakan. Among other axle set back to 20 cm and is considered friendly greetings Anton, Antony, as a minimum size and the tires are not ngesrot.

FAB SLR Desire, Sedan Sport from Swiss

FAB SLR Desire, Sedan Sport from Swiss

In the automotive-mania, Mercedes-Benz SLR so well known and remembered. In addition to its strong form it reflects the impression of being a sports sedan, of course energy is very powerful. When introduced alone, the standard runway kitchen pocketed number 626 dk.

Create a hooked modifications, happened to be MB-SLR that have been polished bodinya view. Believe it or not, who did exactly the home modifications from Switzerland, the FAB Design.

Equivalent F1 aerodynamics
The difference with the modifiers in the country, where they still maintain the authenticity of the display. For this SLR, FAB who ruffled sports cars had to redesign the exterior. The goal, providing improved aerodynamic equivalent to F1 racing cars.

Two flow from Banyumas on Yamaha Mio

Two flow from Banyumas on Yamaha Mio

Imagine, magic skubek fighter so hot rod! That's what Winoto Siswo from Banyumas, Central Java. Builder of Win's Paddock was trying to shed his creation through the 2007 Yamaha Mio that combines the two styles.

Wiwin, greeting familiar Winoto, inspired to make a hot rod because the style was more prevalent in the region, plus the charm streetfighter. Mio's Indra became the target.

At first, he wanted to change it so skubek-style hot rod nigger. However, he was less radical thought and exploration with unique homemade. Came the whisper in his ear, which suggested streetfighter.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

2009 Lexus LF-CH Concept Car

2009 Lexus LF-CH Concept Car

2010 Lotus Evora Type 124 Endurance Racer Pictures

The new Lotus Type 124 Evora endurance racer may be the most luxurious Lotus cars. The Lotus Evora Type 124 Endurance Racecar has been developed from the award-winning Evora road car and is built to FIA regulations and safety standards. The engine hasn't changed -- it's still a Toyota-sourced 3.5-liter V-6 -- but its power has. Lotus says in Type 124, the six-cylinder can produce as much as 400 hp. Lotus replaced the standard six-speed sequential gearbox with a normal six-speed manual transmission.The Evora Type 124 will make its debut at the 2010 ADAC Nrburgring 24 Hours in May, and will continue competing at a number of various endurance races through 2011 as part of a factory supported program.Finally this car is very luxury cars..

2010 Ford Fiesta S2000 Pictures

2010 Ford Fiesta S2000 Pictures

2010-The new Ford Fiesta S2000, M-Sport and Ford's first global rally car, which will be eligible to compete in national rally championships around the world as well as the IRC and S2000 World Cup, is due for homologation in January 2010. However, it will make its public debut this weekend appearing as course car at the final round of the IRC series, the Rally of Scotland.The Fiesta S2000 has already completed nearly 3,000 km of testing both in the UK and Europe and that extensive testing programme will continue into the start of the next year in readiness for the car's competitive debut.

2009 Acura TL SH-AWD

2009 Acura TL SH-AWD

Specification of Acura TL SH-AWD 2009:
Model: 2009 Acura TL SH-AWD
Engine: 3.7-liter SOHC V6
Horsepower/Torque: 305 hp @ 6200 rpm/273 lb.-ft. @ 5000 rpm
Transmission: 5-speed automatic with manual mode
Wheelbase: 109.3 in.
Length/Width/Height: 195.3 x 74.0 x 57.2 in.
Tires: P245/40ZR19
Cargo volume: 13.1 cu. ft.
Fuel economy: 17 mpg city/25 mpg highway/17.9 mpg test
Fuel capacity: 18.5 gal.
Sticker: $43,995 (includes destination charge of $760).

2010 Acura ZDX Pictures

The new 2010 Acura ZDX is a four-door coupe” trend quickly spread throughout the luxury sedan segment following the launch of the Mercedes CLS, and it looks as though the ‘CUV coupe’ segment is the next frontier for luxury automakers.The Acura ZDX prototype is unlike anything you have ever seen before from Acura,” said Jeff Conrad, vice president, Acura sales. “The prototype showcases a new level of luxury, style and refinement for Acura and speaks volumes towards our commitment to advancing the brand. This car is very luxury.

2010 Acura TSX V-6 Pictures

2010 Acura TSX V-6 Pictures

2010 Acura TSX V-6 model year, the front-wheel-drive TSX sedan will be available with a 280-horsepower 3.5L V6 engine. The2010 Acura TSX V-6 offered solely with a naturally aspirated 2.4-liter four-cylinder, I was, in all honesty, a bit let down. Not because I dislike that engine - 201 horsepower, 172 pound-feet, and an F1 personality mixed with redline refinement are hard to fault -- but rather because the TSX's sporty, well-sorted chassis seemed capable of shouldering plenty more oomph.

2010 New Ferrari 458 Italia

2010 New Ferrari 458 Italia

2010 New Ferrari 458 Italia

2010 Ferrari 458 Italia’s ia new 4.5L V8 engine, incorporating direct injection to improve fuel economy, although we don’t yet know how much. But we expect that doesn’t interest you very much now anyway. Instead, we can tell you that the mid-mounted V8 makes 570 hp at 9,000 rpm and 570 hp at 9,000 rpm and 398 lb-ft of torque at 6,000 rpm. Compare that to 503 hp at 8,500 and 347 lb-ft at 5,250 in the 430 Scuderia. The 2010 New Ferrari 458 Italia has a top speed of 203 mph, edging out the 430 Scuderia, which topped out at 197 mph. Apparently, it’s quicker down a dragstrip than the Scuderia, too, and Ferrari says it would beat an Enzo, too. It weighs in at 3038 lbs, has a 0-60 mph time of 3.2 seconds, and combined fuel economy of 17.16 mpg by European standards. so, this car is a luxury and high performance cars.